The Entrepreneur Mindset

How Self Care Contributes To The Entrepreneur Mindset

Meditation Can Help You Reach Your Peak Performance

Reaching Self-Awareness Through DISC

Keeping Balance, Control & Organization As An Entrepreneur

How Do I Work Toward My Vision?

  • Create a vision statement: Paint a clear picture of your goals and objectives.
  • Develop an action plan: Create a list of projects, tasks, and subtasks to achieve them. Then schedule them on your calendar.
  • Execute every day: Tackle one task a day and make sure to get it done.
  • Celebrate your success: Write down your daily accomplishments.

How to Conquer Working from Home with Kids

  1. Set a schedule

Why You Need To Write Down Your Ideas

Setting Necessary Boundaries

Is it a Good Time to Start a Business?

Staying the Course

  1. Set up space: Give yourself a dedicated workspace in your home.
  2. Create a new routine: Aligning your schedule with your kids can help you establish positive, productive work habits.
  3. Identity “next step” actions: When you know exactly what you have to do and when you have time to do it, there is significantly less procrastination.
  4. Get support: Invest in a virtual assistant or hire your kids a tutor, whatever is going to help you thrive.
  5. Practice self-care: Sleep, exercise, and eating healthy is more important than ever during times of heightened anxiety.

Celebrating the Wins




Lindsay Kirsch is an expert in workflow design and marketing automation strategy.

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Lindsay Kirsch

Lindsay Kirsch

Lindsay Kirsch is an expert in workflow design and marketing automation strategy.

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