How to Get Started with Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

  • Client scheduling processes
  • Sales processes
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Digital product delivery
  • Nurturing and onboarding new customers
  • Managing communications with participants in a curriculum or course
  • Obtaining feedback and referrals
  • & more!

Is it Time to Leverage Marketing Automation in Your Business?

  1. Thrive Leads integrated with ActiveCampaign enables you to connect with your leads quickly.
  2. Acuity Scheduling paired up with ActiveCampaign allows you to set your calendar and automate appointment scheduling.
  3. Acuity Scheduling and Zoom make scheduling online meetings seamless.
  4. Gravity Forms can push your data from a questionnaire/form/survey directly into ActiveCampaign.
  5. PipeDrive and PandaDoc allow you to link your customers directly to your contracts.

Select Your Tech

  1. Fully get to know your workflows and processes. Map them out in a simple diagram. Then identify the gaps within your current tools. How can your business benefit from automation, and what are the key performance metrics you want to track?
  2. Know the tool’s requirements. Every software has specific requirements before you can use it. Sometimes you’ll need to take several steps before being ready to implement a new tool.
  3. Be a choosy shopper. Do your due diligence, ask for software demos, and explore free trials. It’s OK to get advice from others, but it’s also OK to go with your gut. You want to make sure you select a tool based on how well it meets your requirements, not anyone else’s.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Essential Automations To Implement

Automations for Membership Sites

  1. Free Trial Countdown: If you offer a free trial, you’ll use this sequence to continue to sell your membership site to your prospects. Share testimonials, overcome objections, and promote key benefits of your platform to encourage a purchase at the end of the trial.
  2. Abandon Cart/Browser: This is meant to catch potential customers that view or started to complete a purchase for your membership site but stopped or canceled mid-order.
  3. Post-Purchase: Confirms the recent membership site order, a purchase receipt, next bill date, refund policy, and how to gain access to the site.
  4. Membership Access: This will run on the back-end of your site; it will communicate between your shopping cart, CRM, and membership portal to ensure that access is given after purchase.
  5. New Member Onboarding: Promote the features of your site and provide step-by-step instructions, reminders, and specific actions to take.
  6. Membership Cancelation: Explain how and when the cancelation will occur.
  7. Membership Pause: A good alternative to potential membership cancelations
  8. Failed Billing: Remind customers to update payment information when a re-occurring payment is declined.

Customer Onboarding

Post-Purchase Automations

  1. Purchase Confirmation: Your customer should receive a purchase confirmation and receipt shortly after their purchase.
  2. Remove Contact From Ad Audiences: Existing customers should not be included in marketing targeted toward prospects.
  3. Welcome Email: Key marketing automation email that lets your customer know what comes next and get them excited about their purchase.
  4. Customer-Only List: Add your new customer to a customer-only list.
  5. Add Tags: Tags will serve as a trigger for your post-purchase email series.

Promotional Automations

  • Day 1: Introduction to the offer & a call to action
  • Day 3: Reminder of the offer & check to make sure it was received
  • Day 5: Testimonial 1 that helps overcome the objection to the sale
  • Day 7: Testimonial 2 that helps overcome the objection to the sale
  • Day 9: Testimonial 3 that helps overcome the objection to the sale
  • Day 10: Last call
  • Day 10: The final call to purchase

Case Study

Measuring Results

Marketing Automation Tips & Tricks





Lindsay Kirsch is an expert in workflow design and marketing automation strategy.

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Lindsay Kirsch

Lindsay Kirsch

Lindsay Kirsch is an expert in workflow design and marketing automation strategy.

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