How to Use Marketing Automation to Obtain Net Promoter Scores

What is a Net Promoter Automation?

A net promoter automation uses your marketing automation tool to solicit feedback from a contact after an event or purchase.

When to Trigger a Net Promoter Automation

A net promoter automation is triggered by the completion of a conversion step in your customer journey. For example, after the exchange of either time or money.

Net Promoter Scoring

When deploying a net promoter system, you are looking to identify three groups of ratings — using a likert scale.

  • Scores between 7–8 are neutral
  • Scores between 9–10 are promoters

Essential Automations that Support Net Promoter

The net promotion sequence requires the setup of at least three primary automations.

The Invite Automation

The Invite automation will ask your customer for a net promoter rating. This automation should include 1 or more emails asking, and then reminding the customer to complete a rating.

The How Can I Help? Automation

The How Can I Help? automation will be sent to customers that had detractor or neutral scores. This automation will include 1 or more emails requesting additional information, or the opportunity to obtain additional assistance.

The Promotion

The Promotion automation is saved for those customers that are absolutely delighted with your consult/product/service. This automation will contain a minimum of 3–5 emails directing your customer to the next best action.

Additional Tools

While you can use your existing email marketing tool, such as ActiveCampaign, to create a feedback form for net promotion you may find the integration of other tools more effective.

Implement Your Net Promoter Strategy

Once you have your basic net promoter automations in place, you can then duplicate the automations to use in other areas of your business.




Lindsay Kirsch is an expert in workflow design and marketing automation strategy.

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Lindsay Kirsch

Lindsay Kirsch

Lindsay Kirsch is an expert in workflow design and marketing automation strategy.

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