How to Create a Content Calendar Using Asana

The Importance of a Content Calendar

As my content has grown and developed over the past years, so has the need to have a clear and consistent content calendar.

Create a Content Calendar in Asana

As my content strategy has grown, so has the way I manage and organize content in Asana. In this video, I highlight how I organize and manage my content topics and execution plan across all digital mediums.

Create the Project

In Asana, create a new project for your content calendar.

Custom Field Details

The content management project contains fields that hold important information on each topic. Using fields, I can view the most important content data at the project level.

  • Not started
  • Work-in-progress with Lindsay (usually meaning that I still need to create the video)
  • Ready to be schedule (the content pieces are complete but need to be posted/scheduled)
  • In queue to go live (all content is ready for the publish date).

The Content Execution Subtasks

Keeping Consistency in Your Content Calendar Execution

In order to keep content execution consistent, we keep a standard operating procedure (SOP) on how to perform the subtask. This ensures that whoever it is assigned too has clear steps and actions and knows exactly what to do.

Keeping Your Content Organized

If you are running a business and producing content as part of your customer journey (which I highly recommend you do) creating a content calendar system will help you stay on track and keep your team organized.




Lindsay Kirsch is an expert in workflow design and marketing automation strategy.

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Lindsay Kirsch

Lindsay Kirsch

Lindsay Kirsch is an expert in workflow design and marketing automation strategy.

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